Bracelet Size Guide

The image is a bracelet size guide from HEY ZOE. It instructs viewers to measure around their wrist and check the wrist to bracelet size chart. The chart is split into two sections: Wrist Size and Bracelet Size. Wrist sizes are listed in both centimeters and inches, ranging from 13 cm (5.12 inches) to 18.5 cm (7.28 inches). Corresponding bracelet sizes are shown in categories from tight to loose, labeled XS (extra small) through XXL (extra, extra large), with specific measurements in centimeters alongside each label. A note at the bottom advises to add 1-1.5 cm for a tight fit and 2-2.5 cm for a loose fit when determining bracelet size. The HEY ZOE logo is displayed at the top, and the social media handle @heyzoejewels is at the bottom, with accompanying social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.