YOU BET! Our pieces are artisan crafted by skillful artists from all over. I have many wonderful artists I work with. With exception: Only our 'fashion fun' section will contain some pre-fab, and manufactured pieces.

SILVERWORK: Other than the small variations you’d expect from a handmade piece, the silverwork should be pretty spot-on with what you see advertised! Stamping and hand carving pieces vary, just a touch. STONES: As for our Hey Zoe and other stone pieces, we ask you to embrace your wild side a little and get ready for a surprise! As of all nature’s treasures, our stones will differ from one another and you should expect variations, unique stone that has most likely been cut and shaped to fit the piece. Just for YOU!

See our size charts!

Nope! Sterling Silver and Gold Filled for majority of our jewelry. It will be clearly labeled if it's another material. With Exception: 'Fashion Fun' section might contain mixed metal pieces and might contain nickel though, so stay away from those guys if you’re allergic!

Only the good stuff! 925 genuine sterling silver for our genuine handmade pieces.

All of our handmade designs are authentic, and range from rough stones naturally treated to stabilized stones. But wait, WHAT IS STABILIZED TURQUOISE? For starters, stabilized turquoise is not fake. Jewelry-grade turquoise pieces are the ones that have been stabilized using epoxy. It is important to undergo this process so as to make quality turquoise hard enough for it to be shaped and polished. Turquoise is a soft and porous stone; environmental factors such as heat, humidity, and the like could change the color of the stone or even its density. Epoxy is used in order to fill the void and other porous areas of the turquoise stone. This way, the stone’s density and color can be enhanced. Remember, turquoise that is of the highest grade are the ones that can only be shaped and polished without undergoing stabilization. Why? Density and lack of porosity. This goes for other various softer stones as well. *The only exception to this is the occasional faux opal piece and we make sure it’s clearly stated! & Our 'Fashion Fun' section, which is all clearly labeled.

Stabilization is a method where an epoxy or resin is soaked or injected into a rough stone to make it more durable and workable. The process makes the stone smoother, stronger, and more resistant against scratching and color change.

Absolutely! We want you to be happy with your purchase! Follow the return instructions.